My job application / Моја пријава за посао

From: Aleksandar Vuckovic <>
Sent: 18 November 2016 21:06
Subject: Job/Internship for person with autism

Dear people from Glocal IT,
I saw a link about your company on IT poslovi i prakse Facebook group, so I decided to write you.
Good thing about me is that I have Associate degree in IT field, also I learning constantly day by day all about web development.
By know I did alone these web aplications:
Not so good thing about me is my health, I have Asperger syndrome, lite version of autism, also I have a decision of 1st grade disability, verified by National Employment Service of Serbia(NSZ). It’s included in the attachment.
By Serbian laws, a company which has at least 20 employees is in an obligatory to hire one disable person, while a company which hire a disabled person has the right on many state subventions, more about it you can read here:
In your homeland, Denmark, there is a seat of Specialisterne foundation, which has a plan to employ a million persons with ASD in IT industry. I have a contact with Thorkil Sonne, make him proud 🙂
http://specialisternefoundation.comIn the world, many companies recognize talents of ASD persons, some have a special programs for them. hope you are opened too for disabled persons. I’m ready to settle myself in Novi Sad, in case you hire me.

Their answer / Њихов одговор

From: GLOCAL IT <>
Sent: 24 November 2016 13:44
To: Aleksandar Vuckovic
Subject: Re: Job/Internship for person with autism

Dear Aleksandar,

Thank you for your CV for the post Node.js Developer.
Unfortunately, we have chosen to proceed with another candidate, and wish you good luck in your future job search.
However, we will still keep your CV for possible future job opportunities.
We thank you for the interest you have shown GLOCAL IT.

Best regards,

GLOCAL IT d.o.o.
Temerinska 31, Novi Sad
021/427 841


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