Website of company / Вебсајт фирме: http://30hills.com

The main seat of company / Седиште фирме: Kraljice Marije 2, Belgrade, Serbia

I was applied for Fall Internship, organised by 30 Hills, they didn’t answered on my message, exactly they ignored me as a person with disability.

On this link you can whole text of the vacancy:

Код послодавца 30 Hills конкурисао сам за јесењу праксу, коју они организују, нисам добио одговор, тачније игнорисан сам као особа са инвалидитетом.
На овом линку може се видети цео текст конкурса:

From: Aleksandar Vuckovic
Sent: 01 October 2016 17:32
To: hello@30hills.com
Subject: Fall Internship for ASD person


I saw your post on Facebook about Fall Internship, I’d like to apply, if it’s possible.

I have 42 years, I have Asperger syndrome(Autism Spectrum illness ) and I have 1st level of disability, confirmed by National Employment Agency of Serbia.

On other side, I have VI degree by Serbiam education system and a great interests for programming and web development.

This is what I done by now:


I did alone front end and back end of these web applications, using JS,JQuery,PHP,MySQL and JSON.
I would like to improve my knowledge in your company.
I hope you are opened for persons with autism.
Best regards.
Aleksandar Vuckovic.
Cellphone/Viber: +381-62-815-21-04


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